Boston Marathon Day


For Information call
Dan Iacovelli, Tel. 508-254-0460
Doug Freeman, Tel. 508-879-6394


Strategically located a couple hundred feet from the start line.





Possible Uses Include:

Roof Banners
Sign up to 20 by 50 feet can be displayed on the roof. Not only for local publicity but due to proximity to starting line can end up in national media.
Doughty Hall
Ground Level access to heated and sheltered hall with immediate access to the start line can be used to host up to 100 guests or runners. Children's Hospital has hosted its fund raising marathon runners in recent years.

Main Floor Lodge Room
The Main Street facing entrance and Lodge Floor level is generally not available for use. However special access agreements can potentially occur.
Front Yard
Car Manufacturer or Dealership - room to display up to 5 vehicles all weekend. Other possibilities could be a product information booth.

You are highly encouraged to place your advertisment and vehicles on the property beginning on Saturday and keep the display through the entire weekend. Many runners and their family and fans tour Hopkinton center casually throughout the weekend before race day.
Worthy Community Group
(DeMolay, Rainbow, Boy Scouts, etc.)
We will consider your request for Front Yard booth / table space to support your fund-raising activity. Limited availability so call early.