Caution from Grand Lodge Regarding Cell Phone Apps

January 2019

While every member is advised to be cautious when entering personal information into any application, Grand Lodge has communicated that extra caution need occur with two particular cell phone applications.

Grand Lodge wants it known that you MUST NOT enter any member information into any cell phone app that is not your own. This could be considered a serious violation if done. If you choose to use social media and other sharing apps such as the two described below you are advised to use extreme caution with regard to sharing any personal data. This can be the beginning of identify theft.

Some information under Massachusetts Law is considered privledged. Examples of this include address, telephone numbers. Other information is considerd Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data. Examples of this include social security ID, bank accounts, credit cards, etc.  Disclosue of this information about someone else is a very serious issue. The admonishment is NEVER ENTER another members identifiable information into a cellphone application.


OLP (our Lodge Page)

This is an especially egregious app because it has been created by Enable Labs, the vendor that developed mori, which is used by Grand Lodge to store our membership records. Enable Labs demonstrating unethical, unauthorized, and highly unprofessional behavior has setup Lodge websites and the related OLP phone app due to a profit enrichment objective for it.

Most Lodges, including all in our district make no use of OLP for any legitimate Lodge purpose. Therefore you will have absolutely no value from installing the cellphone OLP application. Information you enter may well be misused given that Enable Labs has already done so.



This is specifically NOT authorized by our Grand Lodge. If you do choose to use it, whatever you do, DO NOT enter any private information such as birthdate, etc. IF you choose to take risks with it (or any similar app - that can be the beginning of identify theft) DO NOT enter any other brother's information without his explicit permission. Equally important, this IS NOT an alternative to verify if a Lodge you desire to visit is recognized by your Grand Lodge. Before visiting a Lodge, especially outside the United States of America, it is crucial to verify through your Lodge Secretary and the Grand Secretary's office. Not to mention that having a letter of introduction is desirable to smooth introductions.